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Textbook of diabetes 6th edition


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    Evidence-based guidelines and step-by-step instructions for assessments and interventions help you quickly master key skills textbook of diabetes 6th edition techniques.

    Also emphasized is the importance of understanding family, communication, culture, client teaching, and clinical decision making. Nursing Care Plans help you apply the nursing process to clinical situations.

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    Procedure boxes provide clear instructions for performing common maternity skills, with rationales for each step. Therapeutic Communications boxes present realistic nurse-patient dialogues, identifying communication techniques and showing to respond when encountering communication blocks. Critical Thinking exercises focus on clinical situations designed to test your skills in prioritizing and critical thinking.

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    Updated drug guides list important indications, adverse reactions, and nursing considerations for the most commonly used medications. Check Your Reading helps you assess your mastery of key content.

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    Critical to Remember boxes highlight and summarize need-to-know information. Want to Know boxes provide guidelines for successful client education.

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    Glossary provides definitions of all key terms.