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Diabetes research & wellness foundation


    At the opening, Minister Katalin Novák emphasized that the government is trying to give all support to the families of children with diabetes so that they can live a full life.

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    Of these, the most up-to-date technical devices, insulin pumps and sensors for measuring tissue sugar levels are already available in Hungary with 98 percent state support for type 1 diabetic children and 80 percent for adults with state support, the Minister without Portfolio at a Thursday event.

    In his greeting, the President of the UD Clinical Center spoke about the fact that the Department of Pediatrics of the University of Debrecen has become the leading institution in the field in the whole region thanks to the outstanding professional diabetes research & wellness foundation of the past years and decades.

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    Zoltán Szabó added: everything is being done to ensure that child emergency care in Debrecen can develop in a insulin dependens cukorbetegség time. Of course, we also monitor the fate of children with metabolic diseases, such as diabetes, and try to do everything we can to make significant progress in this area as well, the professor stressed.

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    At the opening of the event, György Balla, professor, academician, board member of the Gróf Tisza István Foundation for the University of Debrecen, emphasized that those working in the care of diabetic children give their children a future, that in spite of such a difficult situation, they can become successful adults.

    In this condition, as a result of an autoimmune diabetes research & wellness foundation, the body produces no or very little insulin.

    Food and Drug Administration said Monday. The new warning will be included on the labels of medicines that contain valproate. These medicines already carry a boxed warning about fetal risk, including birth defects.

    However, with proper care, attention, the use of modern tools and spiritual support, children with diabetes can also live a full life — pointed out Enikő Felszeghy, senior assistant professor of diabetes at the Department of Pediatrics, DE. Nowadays, however, not only the number of children with type 1, but also type 2, basically overweight, due to inappropriate lifestyle, is constantly increasing. The three-day congress will discuss, among other things, the effects of the coronavirus epidemic on the lifestyles of diabetic children, the challenges of insulin treatment, the role of telemedicine in care, and how the technology toolkit has evolved.

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