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    The decision was made sensitive to the financial well-being and needs of the Federation. It is the considered opinion of the Executive Board and those involved in the negotiating process.

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    On the contrary, KDA has made every effort to assist the Federation at every stage of the negotiations. We are grateful for their continuing support and commitment. This decision to withdraw has not been taken lightly.

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    It follows a last-minute site visit by the organizing team, lead by Professor Sir George Alberti, Chairman of the Organizing Committee, and was preceeded by months of intense negotiations, interventions on national and international levels, and solicitation of national political support. By the time diabetes klinikák korea the ultimate deadline, of which all parties were aware and to which they had agreed, the status of contract negotiations was felt to be largely unsatisfactory.

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    Given the organizational lead time required to stage a congress of this size, a final decision could no longer be postponed. An alternative venue is currently being considered. The venue and dates of the 19th World Diabetes Congress in will be released shortly.

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