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Successive pregnancies in a woman with diabetes insipidus and premature ovarian failure

Sajnos azonban ez a kérdés csak a külföldi szairodalmat érdekli, ezért csak angol nyelvű információt tudok küldeni. Ön legalább fog tudni róla "senki nem lehet próféta a saját hazájában" Primary Prevention of Graves' Orbitopathy by Pentoxifylline Randomized controlled trial Cs. Balázs1, K. Korányi2 and N.

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Control group of patients consisted of patients with hyperthyroidism mean aged PTX treated group of mean aged At the onset of study there was no remarkable differences between control and PTX treated groups.

After six and twelve month observation period the manifestation of TAO with moderate and severe forms were significantly lower in PTX treated patients.


Various risk factors were analyzed in both groups. If diabetes insipidus criteria for diagnosis smoking habit diabetes insipidus criteria for diagnosis associated genetic background, the manifestation of TAO significantly increased OR: 9.

Haematologia 4. Lisiewicz, J. Okulski Third Department of Internal Medicine, Medical Academy, Cracow, Poland Received October 3, The results of haemostatic investigations of the eosinophils isolated from the blood of a patient suffering from eosinophilic reticulosis eosinophilic leukaemia are presented. The eosinophil extract was found to possess thromboplastic activity.

PTX therapy had a beneficial preventive effect on manifestation of eye symptoms and decreased the number of patients both in smokers with and without genetic susceptibility OR: 2. It was concluded that PTX was able to decrease the development of TAO during 1 year observation period, therefore, the administration of this drug advised if the patients refused the abstinence of smoking. Even the symptoms of moderate and severe forms have a negative impact on quality of life of the patients 2.

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TAO is considered to be genetically determined autoimmune disorder by infiltration of lymphocytes and enlargement of extraocular muscle, accumulation of glycosaminoglycan GAG resulting a clinical manifestation of edema, proptosis, diplopia and optical nerve compression 3,4,5.

The cytokines can result in induction and perpetuation of autoimmune processes in the retrobulbar tissue 6,7,8.

Female genital tuberculosis: a global review. Int J Fertil Womens Med ;49 3 —

Recently, it has been clear that the patients with active stage are likely to respond to medical treatment, whereas such therapy is unlikely to be of benefit in patients with inactive stage, therefore, the follow up studies underlined the importance of prevention of manifestation of eye symptoms in the early stage.

Some factors are known to actually increase the risk of incidence and severity of TAO. These factors can be divided into two main categories.

Diabetes Insipidus - USMLE Step 2 Review

The unpreventable category consists of sex, age and genetic background. The preventable risk factors encompasses the radio-iodine therapy, cigarette smoking 9,10, Unfortunately, the majority of patients can not able to stop smoking, therefore, its precipitating effect remained during thyrostatic treatment.

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We have previously demonstrated that pentoxifylline PTX therapy resulted in the improvement of mild and moderately severe forms of TAO PTX exerts its effects by inhibiting the elaboration of cytokines by orbit-infiltrating T lymphocytes. PTX thus prevents the proliferation of orbital fibroblasts, the production of GAG and their evolution to adipocytes 12, We have tested the clinical symptoms and laboratory data of patients to answer whether PTX can prevent or inhibit progression of TAO and this diabetes insipidus criteria for diagnosis effect extends to those patients who continue to smoke, since smoking is the most obvious environmental risk factor for TAO.

PTX with respect to grades of TAO and remission rates of hyperthyroidism at onset midpoint and the end of 12 months of treatment were investigated.

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Since for prospective analysis is useful in planning stages of a study to determine how large sample size should be in order cukorbetegség okozta székrekedés obtain a desired power in test of hypothesis 17, After review of eligibility and consent participants, the research nurse kept the randomization list until the end of the study by computer-generated programme and was in charge of dispensing the study medication or placebo to the patients Fig.

The placebo medication was identical in appearance and taste to the active medication, the bottle indicated which medication to take each day. Through the study neither patients nor investigators were aware of treatment assignment. The patients of the control group consisted of patients with hyper-thyroidism mean aged Of these patients the hyperthyroidism relapsed in 21 cases.

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The PTX treated group of mean aged None of patients was treated previously radio-iodine. The PTX treated group contained 58 smokers and in 35 patients were positive family history for autoimmune thyroid diseases. At these times thyroid function and immunological tests, eye examination and goitre palpation, ultra-sonography were carried out.