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  5. Consult your physician about your daily sodium and potassium requirements if you suffer from arterial hypertension or heart, liver, or kidney disease and are on medication.
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Magyar Belorvosi Archivum Supplementum Magyar Belorvosi Archivum Pear and anxiety caused by the sense of being disabled may exaggerate the symptoms of organic disease and the latter may increase fear and anxiety of the patient. Interruption of this vitious circle should be a legjobb vércukormérő 2021 of successful rehabilitation.

Treating methods used at our department best antihypertensive drug combinations the following:- rational-emotional psychotherapy for helping the patient to understand the development of the symptoms and by this to decrease fear and anxiety- teaching o.

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Psychotherapeutic methods are completed by anxiolytic or antidepressant pharmacotherapy. Based on an 8 year experience of our department it may be concluded that this combined treatment may improve not only the rehabilitation results but the doctor-patient contact as well.

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Farsang, J. Holló, T. Jávor, Gy. Kerkovits, E. Török, S. Borbás, J. Kapocsi, I. Kiss, J. Nemes, E. Makiári, Gy. Polák, M. Wáqner, St. Imre Teaching Hospital, St. Margit Hospital, Bajcsy-Zs. Hospital, 1st. Pécs, Natl Inst. Budapest, Hungary.

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In the multi-center, long-term 3 years Hungarian Isradipine Study on 78 hypertensive patients with or without non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus NIDDM the effect of the dihydropyridine-type calcium channel blocker, isradipine, on blood pressure, heart rate and on plasma lipids best antihypertensive drug combinations investigated in monotherapy as well as in combination with bopindolol, a beta-adrenoceptor blocker with slight ISA.

Isradipine significantly decrea­sed blood pressure, and this effect was less pronounced in patients with NIDDM, then in normoglycemic ones. Bopindo­lol partially blunted the beneficial effect of isradipine in normoglycemic patients but had no effect in those with NIDDM.

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This effect of bopindolol is presumed to be the result of the increased plasma level of triglycerides, brought about by the drug.

Conclusion: isradipine can safely and effectively be administered for a long time to patients with or without NIDDM, but for the latter addi­tion of bopindolol is a logical choice.

Magyar Belorvosi Archivum 47. Supplementum (1994)

The beneficial effect of isradipine on plasma lipids gives a further advantage to its antihypertensive action. Estruch, E. Sacanella, E. Antúnez, MT,- Aguilera, A. Coca, A. Department of Internal Medicine, Hospital Clinic.

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Aim: To determine the chronic effects best antihypertensive drug combinations ethanol on blood pressure BP in normotensive chronic alcoholics. The day of admission, a dose of 0.

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  • Former experiences were specifically needed among physicians who practised usually with therapies supported by evidence based clinical experiences thus they were working along the principles of Evidence-Based Medicine.
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After 1 month of ethanol abstinence, the patients were readmitted to perform another 24 h-ABPM while receiving the same amount of juice plus placebo every 4 h. Results: A significant decrease was observed in all parameters obtained by the 24 h-ABPM, as well as in both daytime and nighttime periods. Conclusion: Chronic alcoholics show a significant reduction in BP values more than 5 mmHg after 1 month of ethanol abstinence, even during the nighttime period.

Orv Hetil ; 31 :08 Az aortadissectio krónikus stádiumában kialakuló thoracoabdominalis tágulatok megoldása multidiszciplináris megközelítést, nagy felkészültséget és fejlett technológiát igényel. A jellemzoen többlépcsos mutétsorozat mortalitása és morbiditása az endovascularis technológia fejlodésével csökkent, de még mindig jelentos. A fenesztrált endovascularis aortamutét a thoracoabdominalis nyitott mutét alternatívája, mely kisebb mortalitással és morbiditással, rövidebb kórházi tartózkodással jár.

The change in scope of antiarrhythmic treatment induced a reorientation and it is in much need of the development of new directions in the use of antiarrhythmic drugs, catheter ablation techniques, implantable devices and other therapeutic avenues. There is little doubt, however, that the approach to the development of new antiarrhythmics has changed.

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Clinical trials shift from surrogate end-points to more direct ones such as relief of symptoms and mortality. In the future, antiarrhythmic drugs should be developed to specifically interact with the underlying arrhythmia mechanism reentry, abnormal automaticity or triggered activityexamplified by the afterdepolarization-suppressants flunarizine for DADs and magnesium for EADs or by the "anti-reentrant" BRB-I